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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-11-16 23:14:26
Maples let the season go with grace, Not hanging onto leaves past The last vestiges Of reasonable Autumn. Oaks are another story.
2008-07-13 03:12:32
Poppy, I took off after my last comment so I'm just reading your's and you were nice to say what you did, but really, I'm not that nice!!! I can be a real pain sometimes, but people like you bring out the best in me. thanks poppy
2008-07-13 00:14:17
Dear Skip: your cheerfulness will NEVER get on anyone’s nerves! THERE’S NOT ENOUGH OF IT HERE! You are the sweetest, kindest, well-meaning person on Pixdaus! I can pop up the Devil’s horns when I want to, but you don’t even have them! You could not jinx one of my pictures if you tried!!!!
2008-07-13 00:02:21
That's beautiful poppy thanks!! I have always loved autumm, as you can see from some of my pic's. I am enjoying your pictures very much it shows that you put care into the one's you choose. I would comment on them more but I worry about jinxing them. I think my cheerfulness get's on some peoples nerves.
2008-07-12 23:34:36
“the autumn green trees / swift to the music of the wind / the leaves fall / creating silhouettes of ballerinas / leaving the trees / empty “ --- “Autumn” by Lorena Walker