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Posted By:лccp

Old Comments:

2008-11-09 12:54:18
I have to say, it looks real to me. I think that guy being "interviewed" really clocked the guy in the mask. Everyone's reaction seems genuine.
2008-03-07 23:55:23
don't you know how boring your shallow anti-americanism is? grow up!
2008-02-05 23:19:52
This a set up. The guy doing the interview didnt show any shock reaction. The guy's head that was hit from a lower angle didnt show a backlash and the guy hitting showed an abnormal reaction he didnt took the time to watch waht happend. If it was his mother he would have hit her also.
2007-12-29 12:33:40
Exactly...I wish MY first reaction to fear was to attack and not run or freak out. That's why you don't scare a brother! hehe =)
2007-12-28 18:43:53
What a quick mandingo :-)
2007-12-28 18:23:48
Good Reaction. Most pansies wound run away screaming.
2007-12-28 10:52:30
Ghetto reflexes indeed!
2007-12-28 09:41:15
I was thinking more along the lines of typical harlem ghetto product, but ok.
2007-12-28 09:40:03
Typical American: hit first, ask later.
2007-12-28 06:12:24
Excellent reflexes!