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Posted By:faegheh

Old Comments:

2008-06-27 07:02:01
2008-06-27 06:59:59
in al ula
2008-04-18 07:35:04
Same builders as Petra? Medians??
2008-02-14 20:59:12
It's Madain Saleh in the Hijaz region (Saudi Arabia).
2008-02-14 18:45:10
To me it looks like the Midas Monument or something similar. These are wall monuments built by the Phrygians.
2008-02-14 15:06:24
Bedrock town hall
2008-02-14 07:16:57
"iziz! light"
2008-02-14 04:03:22
looks like it is out of the movie the 5th element
2008-02-14 03:25:31
left entrance for gents, right for ladies.
2008-02-14 01:54:03
im not sure but I think it is in saudi arabia i found this pic in an arabic site which i cant read about it when i was looking for a biblical city
2008-02-14 01:21:43
Where is this?