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Posted By:baloch1

Old Comments:

2010-01-10 05:13:25
above is comment by bird turd
2010-01-10 04:37:41
this is a picture of a bird
2010-01-10 03:07:30
Sorry i miss the name of bird
2010-01-10 00:51:24
This is obviously the head of the bird billed plesiosaur - smaller cousin of 'Nessie' the much larger plesiosaur that frequents Lock Ness
2010-01-09 22:25:25
I think you might be right, poppy...
2010-01-09 22:22:25
I saw that I misspelled it. ;-) Most likely to be Little Cormorant (Phalacrocorax niger), but I would not bet the farm on it.
2010-01-09 22:19:44
You could be right about it not being a darter. I didn't see that it had a curve on the end of its beak. Did you mean a gormorant or a cormorant ?
2010-01-09 22:16:22
Where's connie when I need her? ;-) Cormorant, not gormorant.
2010-01-09 22:14:28
Darter birds do not have a hook at the end of their bills, this one has, and their necks are longer. Not enough of the bird can be seen, so identification is a tad difficult, but I think it's a gormorant.
2010-01-09 21:46:44
This is a darter bird, isn't it ? I see these birds with their wings stretched out while they are standing on a rock in the river.
2010-01-09 21:40:11
It's not a duck but the pic is great! Most interesting bird pic for weeks! Thanks, Baloch.