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Posted By:faegheh

Old Comments:

2008-07-02 13:45:40
even it is comes from oil sector or not why u people hate dubai like that u have to think right and hope to be better and better that u can somday visit it and injoy some of a good days on it so why ? is it is because it is in an arabian land so why u people hate the arabs soooo much like that i dont know if that project was in some lands like china or something u wont say that things the petrol in the arabian lands is thier right to have it and make economy what is the worng with that
2008-06-08 23:08:39
Check your facts before you start writing! Dubai is only one of the seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). About 70% of UAE's GNP comes from NON-oil sectors, so YOUR petrodollars have very little to do with Dubai's current growth. Fabulous place, you should visit it.
2008-06-08 22:38:16
If the same was in a certain 'unreal' country aided by $$$$ from its 'daddy/bitch' country then read all the praising comments. These haters....
2008-05-08 07:36:12
Don't like it? Don't buy gas or plastic or anything else made from petroleum. Simple.
2008-02-28 07:22:37
Hey!!! Have any of you watched "Syriana". Well there Sheik did and he is building up his part of the Mid East and opening his people up to things like Western personnal freedoms, capitalism and living a better life with what you have.
2008-02-08 20:22:48
When oil runs out that place will be a big sand dune
2008-02-07 15:17:41
Our petrodollars at work.
2008-02-07 10:53:55
If it wasn't for the oil the place would still be one big sand dune.
2008-02-07 03:44:54
Have you been there?
2008-02-07 02:35:15
From me: upvoted!
2008-02-07 02:18:01
I realize this stuff excites some people, but I don't understand why. Dubai is where the world has finally gone insane... OK, ready to be downvoted...