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Old Comments:

2012-02-06 06:58:47
That makes good sense to me. Do away with the voting and just put a "like" button on there similar to the way it's done on Facebook. I posted a picture on Kid Kraddick's wall last week and it's got a bunch likes already. If they want to attract more paying members they're gonna have to offer something better than a vote power of 3 and a couple of extras that have little to no significance. Yeah, this thing needs a complete overhaul. The only good thing it has going is "all of you" out there who keep a steady flow of wonderful and amazing pictures here day after day.
2012-02-06 02:48:09
A better system would be to do away with negative voting altogether and provide a time limit within which any new pic must accrue a certain number of + votes, after which time if it failed to get enough votes it would simply drop off the page. An honest voting system would also eliminate the need for moderators to have the kind of upvoting power they apparently presently exercize. One of the features of the New Platform was supposed to be the elimination of down-voting, but if you still believe in the New Platrom, let me tell you about some nice beachfront property I have for sale in Oklahoma.
2012-02-06 02:22:48
I'll use my registered name to toot my horn..."Banish all voting!!!!!" ( I come to Pixdaus to enjoy the pics from around the world. Is that too much to ask?)
2012-02-05 23:04:23
I wish I could vote relentlessly like I used to. But I'm using Windows 7 and I'm hooked up to a router. I have not found a way to refresh the connection in a reasonable amount of time. It was quick and easy with Win XP, I used to help everybody get their pics up to the main page in just minutes. But, I'm sorry folks, I had to get a new machine. The moderator helps out a whole lot more than some of you give him credit for. He would probably help out even more but he's not always sure who's who. Why would he want to compensate for down votes on a pics that were uploaded by the same user that's always flaming him with an unregistered nic. I'll shut up now.
2012-02-05 17:40:34
What The Stench says is just not true. It's not clear whether he or she is deliberately lying or simply mis-informed, but the fact is that Patito does not have the power or ability to massively down-vote comments or photos. Some users here have created the myth of the all-powerful Patito, who strides through Pixdaus like King Kong, laying waste to all in his path. And although there is little to the myth that corresponds to reality, it no doubt pleases Patito very much, and comments such as the one above by The Stench are probably a source of considerable amusement to him.
2012-02-05 09:20:18
It is quite apparent that 'Howie Feltersnatch' is simply the latest troll name that patito is using to upload photos. Ironic since patito is the major downvoter on Pixdaus, downvoting both photos and comments with massive cheater downvotes whenever he likes. Then there is the smell factor…how could anybody possibly smell anything other than the strong stench of patito here?
2012-02-05 05:40:18
Ha ha very two write English like Borat talked ! Extremely amusing ! Are you both from Kazakhstan ? Please keep making comments. We need more humor here.
2012-02-05 05:27:16
No one call fool you bypasser...a true genius.
2012-02-05 02:48:23
Also those people stink who stole pictures from real photographers websites and post them to here in their own name and not tell original authors. Then they self-vote for uploaded pics to get the most votes. It builds up their narcissistic self-esteem.