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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-08-28 09:44:14
Yes, only a Divinity could tell there is a divisibility to your invisibility.
2008-08-28 00:47:52
How could we tell, since you're both invisible? That's taking 'anonymous' to a higher level, what?
2008-08-28 00:02:07
you said it poppy!! just for that I may post puppies and kittens all day party poopers!! : )))
2008-08-27 23:57:59
Skip and I are children at heart and proud of it! Too many people walk around with frowns on their faces, we don't. ;-)
2008-08-27 23:53:32
did u ask poppy if she was sixteen when she put bunnys up? or jchip when he puts cute rabbits up? I like to have fun maybe I'm a child at heart.... so what????
2008-08-27 22:35:54
I think so too poppy, this pic makes me laugh, it's like he's posing for the camera.
2008-08-27 14:40:19
Great smile!