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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2011-02-16 12:05:11
They certainly look both cold and sad - I wonder if there is a story to this? Are they strays? Do they belong to the photographer, who seems to be Russian. Anyone know?
2009-03-21 00:40:30
I hope they have a home. They look very sad...
2008-02-01 00:50:21
I think that the big dog is moving to the small dog to another location
2008-02-01 00:28:59
Looks like the big dog has the smaller dog in his teeth. Lunch?
2008-02-01 00:04:22
They look sad i hope they were not abandoned...
2008-01-31 22:22:05
Brrrr they look cold
2008-01-31 21:22:09
OMG! how sweet they are:)))