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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2010-04-29 18:54:33
do you remember/know the song 'don't worry be happy'? ;)
2010-04-29 04:50:10
Thanks a lot Ademir for your help! I don't understand why the photo of the black-necked swan has been so down-voted that it has now disappeared. It's not often you see a photo of those swans, and it was well photographed. The 'Women rule' photo of a lion with the lioness sitting on him, was funny and well photographed; It only got 3 votes. There are some nasty folks on Pixdaus, but at least there are some nice ones too.
2010-04-28 20:26:27
NO Black-necked-swan It doesn't appear in pixdaus Women rule in 23 sites, but not in pixdaus
2010-04-28 10:51:51
Thank you Ademir Laurindo, Christoph Martin Schmid's site is well worth a visit. The above pic is one of a surreal series taken in Los Angeles, absolutely great stuff!
2010-04-28 08:06:34
TO ADEMIR LAURINDO I posted two photo today that are getting downvoted. I did a search for each of them to ensure I did not re-post; nothing came up. Could you do me a favour and use your tineye plug on the following photos to see if they are reposts. If so, I will have them deleted. Black-necked swan - Andrew Orme @ Trek Nature AND Women Rule (lion lioness) - Thanks Connie
2010-04-28 02:26:53
nameless doesn't even know what the word charisma means...and talk about a nasty attitude, he got one big-tuime....clown sounds like he's about fifteen years old....
2010-04-28 02:06:12
'Charisma of voters'? I'm whining?... !!! Dear downvoter, you're out of head. I'm only have fun with the pics, I don't search any charisma... The 'pixdaus charisma'? ridiculous, like your uploads
2010-04-27 23:21:19
With tineye plug in for firefox, I have founded the author: christoph martin schmid... In the future with this plug in I'll avoid repost
2010-04-27 23:02:42
Right on Gabrielle. I agree 100%.There is way, way. to much mischief , or meanness, that can be done with down-voting.
2010-04-27 18:01:28
This is a great pic and I, for one, would like to know who took it and where it is, without all this back-biting and paranoia. And for goodness sake Pixdaus do away with down voting altogether!! Perhaps that would stop all this bickering.
2010-04-27 16:45:20
Perhaps "taste" and "sex" are only incidental to the downvoting of Ademir laurindo de M's photos. More than a few have voiced displeasure over his huge number of uploads and total lack of respect for others by stealing their images and reposting. Plus the fact that his uploads are quite a mix of very good and very ordinary photos. I personally would not upvote anything that he might post just on general principal.
2010-04-27 11:16:16
:o) Thanks for your learned opinion, but there are no beavers, otters or moose here. And even if there were - well, people are contradictory - and so, moose poop wouldn't really bother me so much. It's probably even good for something.
2010-04-27 10:42:27
Ha, foolish person ! Fish pee in lake, also poop there, not to mention beavers, otters, turtles, moose, birds and etc. all pee and poop in lake. Lake water full of giardia, coliform bacteria, and no chlorine, no filter. Besides, your denial too strong..obvuiously covering up fact that you do pee in pool. probably pee in lake too. It's okay, really. everybody do it. no need to feel guilty. go ahead and admit it..confession good for soul.
2010-04-27 10:06:00
I don't - wrong bet. People whose brains stay forever in pampers-age pee in public pools. It's because of such people I swim in lakes. It isn't SO bad there.
2010-04-27 07:26:19
besides, what is big deal. urine of healthy animal, including human,is sterile. everyone pee in swimming pool. I do. bet you do too.
2010-04-27 05:29:04
Much too Serious: Do you even REALLY read the comments of others if they happen not to share your opinion? Doesn't seem so, or you'd understand by now that Mimmi is not Ademir. Well, obviously, you're just too "serious" to get it. Mimmi
2010-04-27 05:11:53
This pic is one of the most popular pics posted here....ademir has been posting way too long not to know that....he can invent people like Mimmi to speak for him...but he can't get off his lazy ass and find pics of his own...or even acknowledge the people who actually took the picture!
2010-04-27 05:04:25
That's just plain bullshit...everyone else has to play by the rules...except ademir-right? he can post all the reposts he likes...neglect to give credit to photographers...location or any other information...steal other user most popular pics...and just go along like nothing happened. The point is...ademir is being lazy stealing pics from other poster's here. and his pics of women are dull and tasteless... unless he steals them...take a look at the women posted by bellcurve or other former users...ademir has no taste!
2010-04-27 04:45:53
Ademir is a lively and entertaining poster who, despite his habit of posting somewhat naughty and rather tasteless girlie pics , also posts some first-class, interesting photos. Meanwhile, there are some other people here whose sole contribution is to post provocative and asinine comments. I would suggest that Ademir ignore those comments, and I would suggest to those who make such comments that they should STFU.
2010-04-27 04:44:24
I'm certainly not ademir's "spokesperson". To be honest, 9 out of 10 of his tits and ass fotos are not my taste. But that's okay, taste differs. What I don't like are two things: 1) Whenever somebody posts a photo here that is a BIT erotic or sexy it will be downvoted. I'm glad that pornographic or too sleazy fotos dissappear quickly, maybe that's because I'm a woman, but what goes on here is surprisingly "Victorian age". 2) ALL of Ademir's girl-fotos are immediately downvoted - it seems to me - out of principle. And I wish that some photographers put some dishy fotos of attractive males here. This is, after all, a platform for beautiful nature photography ;o) So - let's see some nature. And people - some of you are really frighteningly aggressive - a bit of humour and tolerance would be great.
2010-04-27 02:55:56
and you are the biggest bigot, trying to get your ratings up with nudity and tens of trashy shots a day. you really think you are gonna get the charisma of voters by having this nasty attitude? stop whining!
2010-04-27 02:49:30
you would like it, but... no
2010-04-27 02:48:36
you would like it, but... no
2010-04-27 02:46:35
Dear dippitydooda, where are your original, never re-posting pics?
2010-04-27 02:45:02
thanks, 'real' mimmi... there are a LOT of bigot people, with a LOT psychological problem... But, no problem...
2010-04-27 02:12:48
since you are Ademirīs spokesperson Mimmi, tell him to get over it!
2010-04-27 02:05:14
Get Real Mimmi...or ademir? ...ademir is the biggest Re-poster of all time!!! The only time he ever posts a pic worth voting for.. is when he steals them from pixdaus!!! the pics of women he finds on his own are either boring or trashy!!!
2010-04-26 23:23:06
This is a funny snapshot. Why does someone keep downvoting it? I don't get it. Too sexist? Too mean? Not "tasteful" enough or what? It seems that if ademir laurindo posts a photo of a woman it will be downvoted, no matter what. Often I understand it because I don't like the style, but the "principle" behind it is what I think unfair and irritating. Seems to be someone extremely prudish and envious around here.