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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-10-18 06:21:57
WitchGirl, I thought that was what you meant, I just threw in the part about a break-up incase I was wrong, but my advise was about someone passing away I have lost loved ones too so I know what your going through.
2009-10-18 05:36:50
no i wished it was only loss it's bigger..someone i loved died..and it's difficult..but you're right this isn;t the place to talk about these things..i'm glad you';re well..i might post soon..i don't know..but you all made a good job here on pixdaus..all this time i enjoyed some really great pictures..:)
2009-10-18 05:09:32
I know how you feel WitchGirl, and you have to take your own time to deal with it, and it's normal to miss someone but it's good to remember that this person loved you, and they would not want you to be sad too long..ofcorse if you meant a relationship that broke up, you will find a better one for you...I know this is not the place to talk personal, but I have dealt with a lot of loss myself the last few years and was just hoping I might encourage you a little, hope you come back and post when your ready. :)
2009-10-18 04:05:38
Hi, Skip i havent been quite well.. i'm ok now..But you know..when loose someone you can be ok for real..i'm trying though..:) Thanks for your concern...and by the the way the picture is really cute..:)
2009-10-17 14:39:26
Two adorable babies!