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Old Comments:

2009-04-29 20:16:19
Thanks Connie! ;-)
2009-04-28 22:51:31
That's the 2nd photo I posted that you worked your magic on. I'm honoured ;-)
2009-04-28 17:48:19
Thanks GOTINHA, Jhonnywalk and Connie! Was that your arch Connie? Great pic! When I saw it I knew it would be a totally kewl pic to work with!
2009-04-28 09:46:52
Great job! What that from my photo Teardrop Arch?
2009-04-28 09:27:00
One pics, one great landscape...Very interesting.....
2009-04-28 07:15:18
WOW, kevin walker.
2009-04-28 04:18:22
Thanks Zafar1!
2009-04-28 04:17:05
Thanks very much Poppy!!
2009-04-28 01:30:24
amazing and beautifull pic
2009-04-28 01:29:01
Kewlistic pic from our Master Photoshopper!