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Posted By:RogerF

Old Comments:

2009-04-07 11:20:41
Courtesy of the Phantom who leaves their intolerant messages in the tag section [bump] Take the Limbaugh Challenge
2009-04-06 14:36:00
I agree about the tags. I'm not old-fashion, but the language sometimes is pretty vulgar, and it's very cowardly not make our comments on the comment section. He/she can't possibly be ol'Patito's second string. Patito is up front, in your face, says it like he sees it type of guy. You have not posted anything new...hmmm. So Patito has some influence on you, eh? I think you and ol'Patito have more in common that you two will every admit. You both fight for what you believe in. You both want what's best for your country and its people. But, both of you should perhaps try to see beyond your beliefs. Don't compromise them, but be more flexible, opened to new ideas, new thoughts and experiences. When we stop learning and experiencing, we wither and die, because we are no longer nourished. I will now stop preaching ;-)
2009-04-06 12:43:16
Everybody thinks I am comparing Barry to Bush. I'm not. All I am saying is that when Obama does not have the teleprompter he stammers and comes off as very unsure. Just this past week he was using the prompter and lost his place. That was even funnier because you actually see that it is a crutch. And your right Bush was not a good speaker. Ol' Patito asked me to behave while he was gone. And I have not posted anything new. But I have acquired a phantom tagger. He/She has left some filthy language in the tags section of some of my pics. I think it is wonderful to see. All they are doing is exposing that their view point comes from a hateful heart. Just look at the tags on this pic as an example. It's just makes it harder for them to say the other side [GOP] has no compassion when they put out such hateful stuff. Poor ol' Patito his second string is letting him down
2009-04-06 12:28:30
I have not noticed that Obama stammers; he is considered quite an accomplished speaker. However, many politicians are not very good speakers, but many of those are/were great politicians. One of the greatest orators was US President Ronald Reagan; he wasn't the best President your country had. He was an actor. Speaking has a lot to do with acting; they require similar skills. I'm going to risk playing Patito while he's away ;-) In my opinion, George W. Bush was not a good communicator; he often spoke in a jerky way, got off the topic and said some pretty silly things. His English was pretty bad. His wife, a librarian, must have cringed at times.
2009-04-06 11:15:23
Courtesy of the Phantom who leaves their intolerant messages in the tag section [bump] Take the Limbaugh Challenge
2009-04-06 10:22:54
Another tolerant person leaving intolerant messages in the tags. And my, what a brave person you are hiding in the tags section. Why don't you come out of the shadows little one. Can't do that can you, no no no, your disguise of a tolerant caring person would dissolve away and people would be able to see that you only have hate in your heart
2009-04-06 07:09:17
He can't speak without it. Well not without stammering. Uh...Um...I uh...Oh and more...uh...thing. I wonder who is keying in the info into the T.O.T.U.S. Find that out and we'll know who's holding the puppet strings.