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Posted By:noname

Old Comments:

2009-02-03 04:39:03
I forgot to add that I also have watched his/her votes as they go up up within a very short period of time.
2009-02-03 04:38:06
jchip8 has repeatedly done that - with one of my photos and another person's (less than 15 mnts apart for both of us), and others within a day or two. I haven't been able to figure out why no one says anything to him/her...the untouchable. I also suspect that jchip8 and another poster are one of the same.
2009-02-02 22:56:53
2009-02-02 22:51:28
just curious - why is it ok for jchip to repeat this pic a few days later and if anyone else does it you people jump on them like a mad dog from hell!!!!