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Posted By:JackSparrow

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2009-06-19 13:31:22
That's a great story poppy!
2009-06-19 10:14:51
Sir Godfrey Webster was living in Florence with his wife when young Lord Holland came to town. Lady Webster took off with Lord Holland and in 1796 their first son was born. A year later old Sir Godfrey divorced her and she and Lord Holland were able to marry. The love affair between the lad of twenty and the girl of twenty-three blossomed into a long and happy marriage. And after they had been together some twenty years he wrote for her a little poem. Between 1800 and 1805 the Hollands lived in France and in Spain where Lady Holland first saw dahlias that had reached Spain about 15 years before. She sent some home and it is on the strength of that shipment that she is given credit for the introduction of the dahlia into England. Here is the poem he wrote for her: The Dahlia you brought to our isle Your praises for ever shall speak: Mid gardens as sweet as your smile, And colour as bright as your cheek.