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Posted By:MykeSalmon

Old Comments:

2009-12-23 11:01:20
It still goes on
2009-12-21 14:21:08
I did not attack Skip. She rushed to your making it clear she thought I was to blame for this latest thingy between us. That gave me the right to respond. As for Peasant, he played his little game, and I responded. No more no less. As to my assassinating your mean the 'poppy' character on Pixdaus? Get real! I said that you cheated on your votes and I stand by that. For over a year now, during my searches to ensure I don't repost, as I scrolled down pages after pages, I realized that no matter what I was searching for (ie a particular animal, flower, lake and so on), you and some others got the highest votes over and over again. Yet, in many cases, other voters had posted a superior photo. In some cases you got over 100, 200 and 300 votes, no matter the quality of the photos. You have 98% of your photos that became popular, Skip 97%...and so on!! Yet, it's you and Skip who have complained the most about others cheating, and, with Skip's support, that your photos are getting downvoted. That may be the case, but they sure go up and up later one. Those figures are very telling. You either have a great many friends who continuously vote for your uploads or you folks do that yourselves. Only you know the answer. You denied that you went after Artemis for cheating for a long time. I kept track, and it went on for about a year. I have said before that I don't get worked up about my votes. I just find photos and upload them. I am not the photographer, and it's not very difficult to find nice photos on the web. I don't particularly like it when folks downvote my photos or others because of our names, and not because of the quality of the photo. It makes this site rather meaningless and childish. However, there are many uploaders who do care about their votes. They spend time to search for and uploads photos; they don't cheat - they play by the rules. Since others don't, it's not fair to them....and that is what ticks me off. However, like I said, some of you folks on the top may have a lot of friends voting for you. One of the reasons why I'm not popular (one of many, I'm sure ;-) is that I let folks know when they reposted. If I recognize that someone has reposted a photo, I let them know, but ONLY if it was a recent post or it would have been an easy search. I know that makes me unpopular, and I lose votes over that. The irony of it is that I do not vote that photo down. Others have commented that they downvote those reposts. I would rather be told than wonder why my upload is not getting votes. I don't resent it nor do I retaliate.
2009-12-21 10:26:14
"But, we should not take what is being written seriously. Remember, it's cyberspace." - And who writes the comments in cyberspace? People do. You went all out to assassinate my character, Connie. You are a real person, not a fictional one, but you did a very good job writing all that fiction about me, and now you go off on tangents and refuse to acknowledge the harm you have done. Or, were you just bored and decided to entertain us all? I agree that our squabbles here don't amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things, but it is laughable that you talk about overkill when I said that our community is being destroyed when you yourself engaged in a lulu of all overkills when you attacked me, and Skip, and Peasant. Then you just danced down the Yellow Brick Road like Dorothy as though nothing had happened…
2009-12-21 09:50:34
Para 1 - No, It does not fit the situation. If Pixdaus uses that term, they are a little wacky. Community: My knowledge of the English language is excellent. In this case the interpretation would be 'an interacting group in a common web site of various kinds of individuals'. You writing 'destroying our community' is bizarre. It's an 'overkill'. It's cyberspace! Comments on a photo (we're not even the photographers) web site, do not have value, relevance comparison to the world we live in. Again, it's cyberspace for crying out loud. Why do I post comments? I find the comment section more interesting than the photos, including mine. But, we should not take what is being written seriously. Remember, it's cyberspace. The only thing that bothers me in 'Comments' is the really bad language. I'm a very open and broad-minded free spirit, but jeez, the language is getting worse. I don't understand why folks need to resort to really bad language to put their points across. I don't even care what explode or others write about me or others, but the blankness page after page got to be a bit annoying.
2009-12-20 22:56:12
explode1 please take your medication and leave poppy alone you bully.
2009-12-20 18:28:22
Connie: When I used the word ’terrorist’, I was quoting Pixdaus admin; that is the word they used and it fits the situation here admirably. As to the word ‘community’, you need to widen your knowledge of the English language. Community can mean a group of people having common interests, or it can mean sharing, participation, and fellowship. If negative comments have no value, no importance and no relevance, why do you engage in writing them? When Skip defended herself against your attack, she said that she got involved because she had remembered you telling her that she was good at calming the waters, or being a peacemaker. You replied to her: “I don't recall the exact words I wrote regarding you being a peacemaker...But, it would have been off the cuff...a meaningless comment.” So, if your positive comments have no value, no importance, no relevance and - according to you - NO MEANING, why do you engage in writing them? Now, I am going to let the Christmas spirit wash over me and forget the trouble and strife for the holidays, and I hope you do the same. Peaceful Christmas, Connie!
2009-12-19 16:17:21
Terrorists? Bin Laden and Al Qaida are terrorists. Destroying our community? What community? You mean like in Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia...human trafficking...children sweatshops...hunger and deprivation of all kinds? Is that what you mean Poppy? I think you need to get a proper perspective of what is important in this life. In the scheme of things, negative comments on cyberspace are like a drop of water in a vaste ocean of misery. It has no value, no importance, no relevance.
2009-12-19 13:48:26
Posting tons of blank photos may be sick but what is even sicker is that Explode1 directed each pic at a poster: My name was on the captions and/or tags. It was a personal attack on me and NOT someone's random idea of "I'm gonna post some blank pics to annoy people." Much of the blame of the attack can be placed at the door of the user who decided to side with the trolls, loonies and weirdos by assassinating my character with endless lies and imaginings, thus giving the trolls support and encouragement. The trolls gained an ally and they got active. Guarantee and Tyketown Girl joined Explode1 (they could all be the same person) in the attack. Tyketown Girl posted a gory pic of a dismembered human body on a street and the caption said something like "this could happen to poppy" - I am sure most of you did not get to see it (you're lucky) as I posted a HELP!!!! email to the admin and they removed it pretty darn quick. The 3 comments can still be seen Here are some of the captions of the pics posted by Guarantee and Tyketown Girl: POPPY started lying and cheating POPPY started problems POPPY start riot POPPY champion fraud POPPY YOU SMELL QUEER DICK! POPPY IS ANTI- POPPY WE DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!! Poppy You are Un-American & Un-English! Poppy Close Down the Site if You are such as AssHoler! Poppy is a Limey Fag! Almost all of you have managed to ignore the attack, which I find very surprising and disturbing. We're not witnessing the 'handiwork' of 'weird puppies' but that of terrorists bent on destroying our community.
2009-12-18 22:47:27
Winston Churchill ..."If we just ignore these pesty ol' Nazi's they'll get bored and go away." Franklin Roosevelt ..."Let's just ignore that bothersome old Imperial Japanese Navy and they'll get bored and go away." General Sam Houston .." Let's just ignore Santa Anna and his army. They'll get bored and go away." George Custer..."Men, just ignore all those Sioux warriors. They'll soon get bored and go away."
2009-12-18 21:07:51
I shall be very glad to see the end of explode1 he/she is a right pia!
2009-12-18 06:44:29
Explode is a weird puppy. To spend so much time posting tons of 'blank' photos is pretty sick. He/she needs psychiatric help. I think that if we all ignore explode by not making any comments and not voting, he/she will get bored.
2009-12-17 21:53:55
explode1 stats: Submitted: 145 photos. That is in one day, yesterday she have none, all early was erased!
2009-12-17 21:45:09
Believe me, Mike, everyone shares your felings about Explode, and the admin's tech people are doing everything they can to ban him permanently. When the new Pixdaus is rolled out in a few weeks trolls like Explode will be history. By the way, your photos are really getting noticibly better..folks who post only their own shots are pretty rare birds around here..keep it up and hang in there ! And whatever you do, don't let a creep like Explode drive you away ! We need to stand our ground !
2009-12-17 21:38:30
10 pages of blank rubbish, with a few other peoples good pictures almost lost in among the crap
2009-12-17 21:38:14
Myke, and everyone else who want to stop the explode1 , please write to: I already did that...
2009-12-17 21:19:48
Feel free to copy and post and repost this sign until some action is taken to stop this annoyance