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Posted By:Alex!!!

Old Comments:

2010-08-28 12:01:32
photoshop ! study right paw anomaly ...,( left on picture ). and it's not my opinion , it's a fact .
2008-01-14 09:15:56
Yes, most certainly Photoshopped - the front right paw gives it away. In my opinion one fox would be hilarious enough.
2008-01-14 01:22:12
you are right but this is almosy perfect! :) foxes...
2008-01-13 23:13:00
Absolutely Photoshopped. Look at its front legs and paws: identical in all three images. The author just took three quick consecutive shots and pasted them side by side. Had me fooled for a second, though.
2008-01-13 22:17:34
Is this photoshopped? what are the animals please?