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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-12-06 00:31:25
patito you have some funny stories but i worry about you sometimes.
2008-12-06 00:31:23
patito you have some funny stories but i worry about you sometimes.
2008-12-06 00:29:57
codymc, fuckin genius. you think so? wow, you are impressive in your knowledge of bovines. (yawn) thought i would check out Pixdaus for a bit and i get these fucking geniuses and i think i'll go somewhere else.
2008-12-05 21:27:19
It's more likely they're just interested and curious..cows tend to be fairly calm, placid and peaceful's soothing to be around Walt Whitman said, they are "placid and self-contained" the way, these look like beef cattle, not a dairy herd...did you know that world wide livestock production contributes more greenhouse gases than cars, buses and airplanes ? A lot of it is methane, which is 25 times more efficient at trapping heat than CO2. Producing a pound of beef creates 10 times the greenhouse gas emissions as a pound of chicken.
2008-12-05 10:40:12
Is it just me or do those cows look pissed off.
2008-06-03 10:21:32
Only if there's not enough room for them all...
2008-06-03 04:58:56
I always thought it was crawdad.
2008-06-02 07:22:01
2008-06-01 22:34:44
Now that's actually funny, Jojo...
2008-06-01 22:17:31
What a load of bull
2008-06-01 19:39:00
That big ol' white one in the middle could be a bull...common practice ( unless you're raising breeding stock ) is to have one breed of momma cows and a different breed of the calves something called "hybrid vigor"..and that white one looks like he ( if it is a he ) might have some brammer in him, which is a good choice for a bull..note: in Texas saying "brahmin" instead of "brammer" is kind of like saying "crayfish" instead of "crawfish" over in Louisiana..
2008-06-01 11:56:39
eye contact with cows makes me not want to eat them (puts down double cheesburger)
2008-06-01 00:36:09
Correct...old story about a rancher showin' a city lady around his place, and at one point she asked him "Why doesn't that cow over there have any horns?" "Well, Ma'm," he replied,"there're several reasons a cow may not have horns..some cows just naturally don't have horns, some cows have their horns cut off..but the reason that particular cow doesn't have any horns, Ma'm, is because that cow is a horse."
2008-05-31 22:06:45
I'd say those are all cows. Horns does not a bull make :)