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Posted By:Kay

Old Comments:

2008-05-20 11:32:07
Actually, I thought it would be amazingly cool to possibly be part of the inspiration for one of Conan's comedy segments, so it really wasn't about the money for me, either (otherwise I was cynically hypothesizing on what I see to be the nature of lawyers: if they have money, we sue)... and as an artist, I agree with you; it sucks that you didn't have the chance to post your own pics... Anyway, it was good 'talking' with you, Joel; whatever you do, may you fare well.
2008-05-20 01:15:06
I never said it was about money! It's about the rights of an artist. I don't charge for my photos.. I'm a documentary photographer.. we're poor. :) I'm so glad you had the opportunity to see it, and very thankful that it made it here for you to see.. I'm just stung a bit by someone else posting it, rather than someone telling me to post it here.. see what I mean? thanks everyone for al the kind comments!
2008-05-18 18:02:19
I can see what you are all saying but it is unlikely I would have seen this image and I am thankful for having the oportunity. What about art for art sake. Why is everything about money? Aren't you thankful for the exposure?
2008-05-15 10:47:19
I see your point Joel, but the site owner doesn't have much control over what images visitors post here (for example, there is a continual problem with people posting pictures that other visitors consider 'erotic'); add to that the probability that the anonymous person posting stolen images at pixdaus is unlikely to have money enough to be considered worthy of legal pursuit for damages in the unauthorized use of this image. As the site owner has provided you (or NBC) the means to remove any images that violate copyrights, I don't think that NBC will get much value from filing a lawsuit against them for this violation, other than to create publicity, and NBC could end up looking bad there (giant media corp sues Eastern European man because anonymous web visitor posts a picture on the page), so I don't think much would come of it. If you really wanted to do something that would have people sit up and take notice that there's a problem, you could mention this dilemma to Mr. O'Brien; if you could get him to mention it on his show, he resulting web traffic to the page from curious Late Night viewers would cause no end of trouble for the web site servers and to the regular visitors of pixdaus (it would also probably end up making the owner of the site enough money that it finally would be cost effective for NBC to sue for damages due to the violation of their copyright).
2008-05-15 01:26:40
thank you! not gonna sue anyone! But NBC, and where I work may be interested if someone is posting an image that is not from the rights holder. It's just how the law works. That's why it's out of my hands. ...but photo theft is pretty much unstoppable on the web now.. sadly. So.. all 'my' posted pics do not belong to you. It's very naive to assume so. Read the bottom of the page very closely. I'm not going to remove the pic, but at least start spreading the word that it's best to ask the photographer for the use of the image, instead of just using it. Seriously.. the ramifications of image theft are much greater than you can possibly imagine, if you assume that you can use any image you find online. Look at the case with Virgin, and their advertising companies theft of an image of a girl they grabbed from flickr. That girl is very wealthy now. :)
2008-05-14 15:35:28
Great, great photo!
2008-05-14 12:29:17
So who do you want to sue?
2008-05-14 09:39:08
If you want the image removed, scroll to the bottom of the page and notify the site administrator using the address provided. (Nice work!)
2008-05-14 09:36:51
2008-05-14 08:44:07
All yor pics posted on a innernet belong a us
2008-05-14 06:39:01
thanks for at least keeping my photo credit, and not flat out stealing my image! :) That being said, I hold all model releases and copyright, so no more stealing :) All it takes is asking to use the image, and the photographer will say yes. Steal it, and you face a legal action that will be out of my control. :) Thanks for the appreciation of the image!
2008-05-14 05:33:13
Conan O'Brien?
2008-05-14 03:51:48
omg they preserved the ghostbuster's painting
2008-05-14 03:35:02