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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-01-10 11:21:33
Patito is correct - they are the Anasazi ruins. OK A Bouts, I'll take you with a grain of salt ;-)
2009-01-10 11:11:01
You are nice, and have a sense of humor, two things that work for me A Bouts!!
2009-01-10 11:09:41
patito, I totally agree with you, I kept staring at that pic and thinking the same thing it does not look like the holes they were describing in the information I found on wikepedia.
2009-01-10 10:51:47
Two things. First: I never expect anybody to reply to any of my posts. It is always a surprise and a bit of a joy when someone does. Thanks for responding. Second: I always forget to vote for the pics I leave a post. So I'm thinking how did skip know? Third: To you and to all that read this. I am not to be taken seriously!
2009-01-10 10:49:02
Those don't look like drilled holes..they look like Anasazi ( or more ancient ) cliff dwellings...those folks lived in precarious circumstances, had lots of enemies, and sought refuge in high and inaccessible places...
2009-01-10 10:31:09
ok, I was joking around A Bouts, but then I realized you would call me on it so I went and got some info on marble canyon, but I don't think it really answers your question....... Marble Canyon marks the western boundary of the Navajo Nation. In 1975 the former Marble Canyon Nat Monument which followed the Colorado River northeast from the Grand Canyon to Lee's Ferry was made part of Grand Canyon National Park. Marble Canyon is the site of one of the last great proposed dam projects on the Colorado. Proposed and investigated in the early 1950's the proposal met substantial opposition notably from the Sierra Club, when it was considered as part of the Central Arizona Project from 1965 to 1968. The proposed dam was abandoned in 1968. Exploratory holes which were drilled in the red wall limestone of the canyon walls in an early phase of the abortive project can still be seen at Mile 39.2.
2009-01-10 10:07:19
2009-01-10 10:00:23
A Bouts first vote for the pic, and then maybe I'll answer.
2009-01-10 09:56:15
Were these doorways created this far from the river? Or was the river closer when they they were created?