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Posted By:Cohise

Old Comments:

2011-05-20 12:05:13
It's true that an apple a day can keep the doctor away...but only if it is well aimed !
2011-05-20 09:34:13
An imaginary land, maybe. I think the picture may have been photoshopped. The building looks so substantial in such a wild and beautiful place.
2011-05-20 04:57:28
Where it is ? Observing the vapour of the waterfall, it seems we’re at the frontier of Pandora-land. I say well, it seems. Maybe …? Kind regards,
2011-05-20 03:09:25
I'll be sure to remember that, Cohise. Many thanks and kind regards back to you also.... :)
2011-05-20 02:14:16
Remember Mary, An apple a day keeps the doctor away; And so Two apples a day keep two doctors away. Kind regards,
2011-05-20 01:50:56
I'm sorry Cohise. I find it hard to grasp politics. Also when you suffer from depression, you find that it can be quite hard to concentrate on anything that involving such as politics. I don't like to get into political discussions. Could we please leave the conversation here. as I don't wish to participate in this now. I hope you understand. Many thanks, Cohise. And kind regards to you also....
2011-05-20 01:19:44
I'm sorry Cohise. I think you've lost me here with what you said. Anyway, I'm not one for politics. I would hate to be a politician. Too much responsibility to worry about. Thanks, Cohise....
2011-05-20 01:08:43
I hear you Mary. What you say is true. However that he's been there so many times, that it's becomet the normal for him is not the point of this picture. I try to point out the fact that corporations in Pandora-land are controlling more and more of the peoples perception of reality each passing year. The effectiveness of their elections are becoming worthless because more and more of the politicians they vote into office are corporate shills. Their elected officials do not heed the demands and desires of their constituents. Many of their politicians only listen to corporations eagerly going after the quick buck.
2011-05-20 00:56:14
Sorry, that should be become, not becomet....
2011-05-20 00:55:00
Actually, that's what I thought too about that man in the bottom of the picture. Maybe he's been there so many times, that it's becomet the normal for him there now. Or maybe he's not impressed by waterfalls. If that was me, I'd most certainly be interested in the waterfall and the area. It's very pretty. Please take care, Cohise.... :)
2011-05-20 00:51:20
You are very welcome, Cohise. That's ok that you are not aware of the location of this picture. Maybe someone can give us some info about the area. Kind regards to you also, Cohise. Take care... :)
2011-05-19 23:10:32
One of the reasons I put the pic here is just because I neither know where it is. But there is something odd with that pic. Ok, the terrace is wet and the house is certainly not made out of board; but I’ve a strange feeling: about the background & the foreground. And then something completely different; I also wonder why the guy at the bottom seems to look so boring. Why could he not join the group of visitors and looking interested, only a bit and just for nothing more than out of politeness for the photographer and so on…
2011-05-19 22:48:17
Thank you PictureGirl.. Unfortunately, I neither know where it is. Kind regards,
2011-05-19 04:42:26
Just beautiful, Cohise. I have saved this in my favourites. Thankyou for finding and posting this photo here. Wonder where this place is ? And what a view too... :)