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Old Comments:

2009-06-24 16:26:15
Actually, this is a Mk-IX or X Spitfire and the hood looks all wrong for a BoB Spitfire. Either the "artist" didn't know that the Battle of Britain was fought with only Mk-Is and Mk-IIs or it is a shot from the film, where they used some modified post-Mk-IIs, since they had only one or two original Marks flying. Plus, the background image looks a lot like old Ektachrome, which was the only "fast" color film available at the time. Trust me, duuuuuudes.
2009-06-24 16:19:48
Remember the film, "Battle of Britain"? A friend of the family flew in one of the camera planes as film crew. They used a B-25 and several two-seat Spitfires with a "piggy-back" bubble. He had hundreds of still photos very much like this one and was not the only person in the company to shoot many live-action stills. I suspect that this photo is either one of those stills, or the cliffs and BF-109 in this photo(actually a HA-1112 with a Merlin) is one of those stills from that film with a CG Spitfire dropped into it. I think it may be the latter, because the photo has an artist's credit in the lower right, and the BF-109 seems a little to fat to be a real German-engined one.
2008-11-27 18:14:22
no, dude--this is not a real image. it's super cool but it's not real. there was no technlgy in that time for images likes this, especially a fighter-pilot, could not take a picture like this. there have been color WW2 scenes about the Cliffs of D. events but this is bullshit dude, i promise.
2008-11-15 13:27:46
When we see the White Cliffs of Dover, we know we're home.
2008-08-06 02:06:55
OBVIOUSLY photoshopped, dumbasses. but daddy rikey.
2008-08-06 01:10:24
Photoshopped, plane is 3D model probably. :)
2008-08-06 00:50:54
Maybe photoshopped, but still a great shot.
2008-08-05 23:37:14
Great photo! where did you get this?