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Old Comments:

2009-10-10 01:41:14
Hey, Kevin, how about it? You said: "A think tank, sounds interesting, are we gonna solve big problems?" - We won't know if we don't try... ;-)
2009-10-09 20:30:58
Thanks Skip! I have to thank you and all the other posters for posting so many kewltastic pics!
2009-10-09 20:10:48
Thanks Poppy!
2009-10-09 19:57:38
Thanks BALOCH1!
2009-10-09 11:31:14
What she said! :) and I have to admit, I'm a typical fan, I love it when you use a pic I posted for one of your kewl pics Kevin!
2009-10-09 11:11:21
Another kewlistic masterpiece!
2009-10-09 02:21:41