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Old Comments:

2009-01-04 10:00:30
Jes' funnin' you, Ms Connie..
2009-01-04 09:31:53
Senor Patito, you very well know I meant the things we often see in nature photos. I did forget to add shadows, light; and, I think I see in the far distance dung. I do declare sir, you live in a parallel universe ;-)
2009-01-04 06:54:12
Well, it doesn't have any anchovies or tea cups or chicken enchilladas or embossed invitations to a fancy wedding with a champage reception afterwards or any pickled herring in sour cream or autographed photographs of Hopalong Cassidy or any ten penny galvanized finishing nails..nor do I see any buckets of ice cold beer or any old Eddie Fisher recordings of "Oh My Papa"...and there's no sign of any spare tires nor any sheets of plywood and not one single volume of the Oxford English Dictionary,and no folding metal chairs and no electric trolling motors or kayak paddles or accordian players..and it doesn't have any homies from the hood hangin' on the corner smokin' a doobie..and there are several other things I haven't even mentioned yet that it doesn't have.. it's a dandy photo, and it does have quite a lot of content, but I think you'll have to agree, Ms Connie, that it doesn't really have a bit of everything.. :p
2009-01-04 04:50:05
This great photo has a bit of everything - clouds, sunset, hills, water, cow, geese, wildflower, path; yet not too buzy ;-)
2009-01-04 03:38:13
A beautyfull place...great pics.....