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Posted By:baloch1

Old Comments:

2010-08-22 05:40:28
I'm pretty sure it's Honolulu. The square you see with no buildings would be Queen Kapilolani Park where the zoo is...if it's still there. Where all the highrises are is Waikiki. The first time I went to Hawaii was in the 1960s; it was beautiful. But they overdeveloped that area, and it lost a lot of its charm; that's progress I guess. They lost a lot of American and Canadian winter tourists when Mexico got into full-time development of their coastal areas. For Canadians, it's cheaper to go to Mexico than Hawaii because of the rate of exchange. But, we're finding Mexico so corrupt, so full of crime (druglords' wars) that some of us are heading back to Hawaii (westcoast Canadians) or Florida (eastcoast).
2010-08-22 01:03:39
My first impression was Honolulu also
2010-08-21 19:16:42
Looks like Honolulu to me, with Diamond Head at the upper left.
2010-08-21 18:49:48
Which city is this? Thanks for telling ;o)
2010-08-21 18:49:42
Nice pic - where is it? The headland looks volcanic, is it somewhere in Tahiti or some other island?
2010-08-21 11:09:10
Welcome back Baloch1. Good to see your posts again. They are beautiful, as usual... :)