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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2011-06-10 04:46:32
Awww this is Just plain ADORABLE!!! Cute child, she was Created By *God The Father* :)
2011-04-01 04:37:28
She's so cute and lovely. I love this picture....
2011-04-01 04:37:13
She's so cute and lovely. I love this picture.
2010-07-13 18:19:05
Wonderful capture
2009-03-10 02:39:21
This photo is by Oxana [Muzyka]- the nickname is Ksushaya
2009-03-09 07:17:09
Excellent photo, lovely child!
2009-01-28 00:08:01
2009-01-26 04:07:33
I would like the photographer to contact me at,or by ph. 303-514-2665. This photo is extraordinary. I look forward to hearing from you. Michael