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2008-09-06 04:24:03
2008-06-09 16:36:31
You know this is a bad part of our history but no wheres in the world do you see, the media and the public attack what other goverments before and after did to their people, and America needs to be really quiet they forefather systimatically errased whole nations,had slavery as well as Concentration camps for american / japanese citizien many of them died do to the unclean unhealthy conditions. Not so say is envolved in any war ... However when it came down to the bosnia war they hesitated for years to go in, only the attention of the media got results, quietly the goverments of all nations stood by and watched ethnic cleansing ...why one would ask it wasnt rich on oil or anything valuable not even a strategic fit for occupation ...
2008-04-29 06:15:28
There is a comparison to be made and all the spinning by all the right-wing media has not been able to cover it up. The BBC and the rest of the world can see it.
2008-04-28 13:57:36
Yes, the comparison isn't correct. But I also think that many Americans dismiss too easily the opportunity to learn from history. Sometimes I feel that Americans are manipulated much like Germans were during the Third Reich. When the US invaded Iraq, I was much astonished to hear that many Americans thought there was a connection between Al Quaeda and Iraq, a notion unheard of in Europe. American media seem to discuss a possible war on Iran regularly while it's not much of a topic in Europe. I hope that Americans who read this don't take it as an insult but as a request to inoculate themselves against propaganda. When you hear a speech of the President, stop after each sentence and ask yourself: "What does he want me to feel at this moment and why?" German children today spend about four years of history class studying why and how the Nazis succeeded in manipulating the Germans. I think it would be wise if children everywhere would do so. Maybe then, radical islamists wouldn't be able to induce hate in young muslims so easily.
2008-03-18 19:22:12
Dunno, but Bush's way to ignore the existing laws and vetoing his will over all resistance smells fishy.
2008-03-18 00:35:27
Remarks like those of pjgh reveal the ignorance of much anti-American prejudice. You don't see American Boy Scouts (or those of any other nation which participates in the Scouting movement) training with military weapons, do you? The Hitlerjugend did. Jews were barred from the Hitler Youth and membership was legally mandatory for all others; membership in the Boy Scouts of America is optional and not only are Jews welcome, the BSA gives some of them religious awards. There is no Boy Scout Division in the US Army, is there? There certainly was a Hitlerjugend Division in the Wehrmacht. Some of its members escaped prosecution for war crimes because they were too young to prosecute. The reason I mention this is that so many people like pjgh, who compare the contemporary USA to a fascist country like Nazi Germany, or compare Bush to Hitler (as the BBC has done), haven't got the slightest idea what they're talking about.
2008-03-16 08:32:40
They were on the way to being screwed up but they weren't marching in the streets of Amsterdam, cutting peoples heads off
2008-03-11 09:01:39
Today we call then NeoCons
2008-03-11 08:32:20
To these kids at the time they were joining a group like the boy scouts. It wasn't until they were old enough to be used to stop a bullet that it all turned to shit.
2008-03-11 06:54:10
these kids weren't "crazy" as you said in the tags. they were entraped by their government!!
2008-03-11 04:38:22
It always starts with whipping up patriotic passions against "them". The "them" in question changes, but the tactics don't.
2008-03-11 03:04:52
It serves as a very stark reminder that just because everyone's doing it doesn't make it a good thing. Take note, America. Well ... the US part of it :)