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Posted By:leo

Old Comments:

2009-04-29 08:05:45
2009-04-28 23:13:38
that about sums it up
2009-04-28 09:20:24
I think the Uganda`s president in his times Idi Amin, or Hitler, or many others in different ages...President Chavez, is the Southamerican style, in order to appear in it the news and the same time to be narcissist....its my opinion....
2009-04-28 07:14:05
Can you think of another President who is in the news the same or possibly more than Chavez and is also a narcissist?
2009-04-28 02:34:15
Preisdente Chavez always in the news.....Narciso.....
2008-04-05 11:24:50
get ruff and stuff with your afro puffs
2008-04-05 01:30:28
Miguelito Ratacito
2008-04-04 07:08:26
viva mickey!!
2008-04-04 01:04:02
Viva Hugo !
2008-04-04 00:01:37
The US has North America's douche bag. GB!
2008-04-03 22:51:07
South America's most recent douche bag.