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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2009-10-28 04:52:42
Thanks for replying Patito. I also enjoy his personality, his humor and his pictures a lot, thatīs why Iīm missing him. I always had the impression that he was one whoīd always stick around. Jack, you trying to give us a scare as part of Halloween? ;-) :P
2009-10-28 00:19:54
One of the interesting things one observes over time here is the almost tidal ebb and flow of individuals...folks show up, post some photos, make some comments, establish a kind of virtual indentity ( which may or may not reflect their actual real-world selves ).. some of them stick around..some of them fold their tents and silently slip away to whither we know not.....I enjoyed Jack, and hope that he's either only temporarily absent and will return, or still around using a new name....
2009-10-28 00:04:33
No really, does anyone know where he is? Or am I the only one who doesnīt know? :-S
2009-10-21 06:41:43
Jack may have sailed off to raid and plunder in the Caribbean, or maybe the Spanish Main...every pirate has to replenish his rum stores from time to time...
2009-10-21 06:03:26
yeah :P
2009-10-21 05:44:54
We need to have another race soon - It was fun!
2009-10-21 05:33:32
Does anyone know where Jack is? Hasnīt shown up since our cat/dog 'race' last week...