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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2011-12-27 16:53:49
Apparently Red Feather is too dense to perceive that Blackfeather's comment was made in jest as a kind of parody of nit-picking.
2011-12-27 16:29:48
Dear Red, sorry to disappoint you, old friend, but I didn't post that comment and I have nothing against Eibar. He posts some good pics, though he could be a bit more diligent in terms of titles, identification and names of photographers. And I really don't have a lot of enemies. Just you and a couple of other creeps who would like to believe you're a big gang instead of the lunatic fringe. By the way, since you already have that feather, why not stick it up your butt ? That way, you and I will both be tickled. : )
2011-12-27 07:49:30
Apparently patito (=blackfeather) does not have enough enemies already, but now wants to take on eibar.
2011-12-27 04:09:24
This is not good enough! Eibar does not show what type of animal it is (except under tag), what type of cat and where it lives.
2011-12-27 03:43:54
Such a nice close up . Good lens . Can even see the detail in the eyes of the cute cat. Thanks for sharing the pic.