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2010-11-06 18:45:23
The proper word for sailor would be marin in French. Marine is used by the Americans as in "joining the marines", which is an arm/branch of the US Armed Forces. In Canada we have intergrated all the services (Army, Navy, Airforce) into the Canadian Armed Forces. Perhaps you could contact the Canadian National Archives in Ottawa.
2010-11-06 18:30:53
PS I meant to say that it is very interesting about your noble revolutionaries. Research is difficult from down here, my main family history contact has moved to Nova Scotia and so cannot visit archives now. I agree with you, however, I think that with a Hetu, Estu etc connection we are almost certainly distant cousins. Fancy meeting on Pixdaus - how's that for the "six degrees of separation" thing?
2010-11-06 18:17:54
Unfortunately my French is minimal, not enough to read Jean Hetu's book. It was Jean Trefflee Hetu who came to Australia in the 1850s. It was George (not Roger as I first said) who became a marine which I think is the French term for a sea-going soldier. It was George who settled in Quebec. His father was Roger the barrel maker in Le Havre. No papers about the expedition, I have been trying to find out about it for some time but it needs someone who can look at the records - probably in Montreal or Ottowa. Jean was very young when he went and by the time he returned his mother Sophie Bruyere/Hetu (nee Mercier) had died in a cholera epidemic.
2010-11-06 14:16:50
That's interesting that you have so much information on your ancesters. There are a lot of Lafleurs in Quebec...including the famous hockey player Guy Lafleur, eh ;-) I'm a bit confused about Roger joining the Marines in France. I always think of the Marines as being an American expression. Do you have a date as to when George settled in Australia? His participating in that Governor's expedition would be interesting to know...if he keep any papers. I have an aunt who married a person of French nobility. His grandfather or great-grandfather went with Napoleon's brother to Mexico. That noble family had surprisingly taken the side of the revolutionaires during the French Revolution. So, when the royalists came back in for a short while, they lost all their lands and were kicked out of France; so they went to Belgium. Can you speak/write French Gabrielle?
2010-11-05 21:55:28
Perot is/was an intersting guy. His genius was his ability to cut through multiple layers of suoerficial complications to the basic heart of a matter. Unfortunately, some matters actually are terribly complex, such as the business of governing a large country, and in such cases Perot's method doesn't work very well.
2010-11-05 18:20:09
The story goes that George added Lafleur to his name (after the place or a battle there) but others did not. My great-grandfather travelled through USA to the west via the Oregon Trail and then on to Hawaia, from there he came to one of the gold rush towns in Victoria. He later became the first "dry" farmer in the Temora district of NSW. Before leaving Canada, while stillvery young, he was part of a Governer's expedition to the North West Territories. I think it may have been one of Rae's expeditions.
2010-11-05 14:21:15
You are probably right, young Roger may have tired of making barrels. He joined the Marines, sailed away and settled in Quebec. There is a book by Jean Hetu (about the family) which includes a section, in English and French, about Jean Trefflee Hetu and his descendants here in Australia. "Georges Estu(r) dit Lafleur - Ancestre de la famille Etu(e) ou Hetu Pionnier de Lavaltrie" by Jean Hetu B.A., L.L.I. (Montreal), L.L.M. (Harvard) avocat et professeur titulaire a la Faculte de droit de l"Universite de Montreal
2010-11-05 09:37:34
A Quebec historian (doing geneology of all the old French immigrants for over 30 years) told me that all the old families are definitely related - reasons given above. That means you and I are related. Le Havre is a seaport in Normandy. Historians think that most of these immigrants who went to Nouvelle France (New France) were from Normany. Tonnelier is cooper in that makes or repairs wooden casks or tubs. So, Roger Estu was probably making casks for the ships going back and forth to the New World, and decided to get on one of those ships to seek his fortune ;-)
2010-11-05 07:54:00
No, he was a cooper - a barrel maker. I think Roger Estu arrived in Quebec in 1615 according to one family historian.
2010-11-04 18:49:12
Cooper...he had an English name? Most of the French families that immigrated to Canada in the 1600s/1700s came from Normandy. Do you know when Roger Estu arrived in Canada?
2010-11-04 14:41:02
Yes Estu, Estur, Esthur, Etu all variations on the name which, I believe may come from "estury" - or the French for that word. My lot of Hetus come from the Le Harve area. Roger Estu was a Marine who came to Canada in the early 1600s. His father was a Cooper in Le Harve.
2010-11-03 18:22:37
I googled L'Assomption St Esprit and nothing came up. It would be somewhere in Québec. I have of course heard of Mother Élisabeth Bruyère; she established the order of Grey Nuns in the mid 1800s. The Grey Nuns opened hospital all across Canada; they are famous for that. Before them, there were very few if any hospitals. I write Élisabeth with an 's' and an accent on the 1st 'E' because that is the correct French way; 'z' is English. I haven't heard of her perhaps being canonized; but then I don't pay much attention to what happens in Québec. Father André of Quebec was just canonized by the Pope. Since they are both from Canada, the Pope may wait a few years before naming another Canadian a saint. He likes to spread things out among different countries ;-) If the Hétu's (aka Estu) are an old French family (1600s - 1700s) then we may be related. My paternal ancestors arrived in the New World of what was then called Nouvelle France in 1641 on one side and in 1662 on the other side. There were very few families at that time, so they married within a tight group. They certainly did not marry with the enemy - the British ;-) I also have some famous relatives on my paternal side and will probably post a photo. I think it's safe to do since my name is different than theirs.
2010-11-03 16:36:33
My great-grandfather, Jean Trefflee Hetu, was from L'Assomption St Esprit. He was a half brother to Mother Elizabeth Bruyere of the Grey Nuns of Ottowa. I believe she is pretty famous in your country and may, one day, be canonised. Can't wait - then I can truly use the old phrase: "Oh, my sainted Aunt!!" I am related to both Hetus and Bruyeres - and, of course lots of others, but those are the main ones that I have found.
2010-11-03 12:03:48
I didn't know that you had a French Canadian background! Can you tell me from what part in Canada Gabrielle? And you Texas boy - are you making fun of us Frenchies?
2010-11-03 10:07:32
Actually, I am an Australian of French Canadian background and I certainly do not understand much of American politics.
2010-11-02 23:35:28
Gabrielle has an excuse..she's French and perhaps doesn't understand the depths of rancor and deception that afflict American politics...Cindergirl is just plain stupid.
2010-11-02 20:06:06
What? Do Cindergirl and Gabrielle seriously think that Obama threw a snowball at a cat? :D He threw the ball at a member of his own staff. See similar photoshopped sets at
2010-11-02 17:05:33
Well, I don't understand all the political stuff above, but I too feel sorry for the cat.
2010-11-02 10:59:05
Awww..go stuff it up your butt, Cindergirl.
2010-11-02 10:37:16
Looks like animal cruelty to me!...I do not appreciate that any one would hit a defenseless animal. Just what does this say about any persons character?....No respect for any one like that!
2009-03-29 21:01:12
Larry, I have a much more pessimistic view of your 'good and decent people' with whom you want to replace the 'garbage' politicians. Before the 16 years have passed, those decent people will have joined the ranks of their predecessors. Usually, it happens in about four years. In some countries, a lot sooner than that. - For the sake of your peace of mind, just scroll past the 'political' pics...
2009-03-29 20:11:18
Dear Mr.Pa tito, I didn't mean to insult your intelligence. I personally know 5 congressmen,one from Texas, One from Georgia, and 3 from California. Maybe you're right, I don't know a thing about politics. Were you referring to my comments about "saving the Earth"? I want you to know, that, "I don't know what I'm saying, when I tell you,'That you'll see unbelievable damage to the environment if the American economy collapses'". With this in mind, I'd like you to meditate on the environmental impact, a population of approx.300 million people with 19% unemployment could do. I don't think they'll care much about turning off the lights on Saturday. Most likely, they'll be out poaching deer, elk, rabbits,bison,fish,fowl, and even cattle, chickens, and not to mention raiding produce from private farms. When people get cold in the winter,guess what they do? Hint: They cut down trees and burn them. I am also sorry that I wanted to see photography. It was wrong of me to not want to look upon the faces of politicians that you find exciting. I guess, depending on how you look at it, they could be considered an art form. And I'm sorry if my words appear to be rambling. I'll try to keep them less complicated in the future. It's difficult putting 40 years of physics and engineering research into a few sentences. I know so very little about the environment. Also, I shouldn't use literature that used to be taught in American schools to illustrate a point. If you haven't read early children's classics, then you possibly could become easily confused. And finally, thank you for erasing my note. That used to be called censorship. I believe it's called "politically correct" now?
2009-03-29 18:52:30
Being a southpaw is one thing, but what about this: It was said about President James Garfield that he could simultaneously write Latin with his right hand and Greek with his left...
2009-03-29 12:28:00 post a long, rambling, naive, illogical and incoherent rant about politics under one photo, then turn around and plead for no more politcs. Makes about as much sense as the rest of your ridiculous blither.
2009-03-29 11:45:40
Please lose the politics and stick to photography. Isn't there any place on the net that everyone can enjoy equally without being bombarded with some politician's mug and nauseating indoctrination. They're all corrupt. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The best thing that could happen to this country is to fire all of them, without exception. Then we could replace all the garbage with good and decent people. If we did this every 16 years, our country would always be a great and honest one.
2009-02-10 04:44:43
Yes radek...I noticed on TV that he signs his documents with his left hand. By the way, my photo of the same cat shows snow on his other side...odd
2009-02-09 20:31:21
Anyone pick up on the fact the O is a 'lefty'?
2009-02-09 20:11:25
Yep, you ain't gonna get no argument from me on that point..ya'll are way out ahead of everybody else when it comes to fruits and nuts of all kinds...and most vegetables.. Texas is still Numero Uno in production of livestock and livestock by-products ( be careful where you step )..also gotcha beat when it comes to cotton and cabbage..
2009-02-09 12:11:16
Speaking of California. You know that we have one of the largest, if not thee largest agriculture industry of all the other states? That's right. We produce more Fruits & Nuts than anybody.
2009-02-09 11:39:07
Well, Abe, I don't know nothin' 'bout no Code Pink, or any Ladies therefrom...reckon that's the kinda stuff ya'll have out there in Californey..I live in Texas, remember?
2009-02-09 08:06:17
Wow you sound just like the Ladies of Code Pink. If I knew you were so sensitive I would have not brought up any of your phobias or perceived hangups. OK your turn. and then we'll call it quits on this thread.
2009-02-09 07:36:58
Hey, just because Lush or Rush or Mush or whatever his name is is a drug-addicted pathological liar and a neo-fascist loud-mouth who thinks he knows all there is to know about everything yet never even finished college doesn't mean I want to bash him..I want to bash him because he's a disgusting lard-ass draft dodger. And I had no idea that he was gay..are you sure about that?
2009-02-09 05:30:00
And just on the cat of George Bush. That is, whats really great.
2009-02-09 05:26:15
What's with all of the Gay, Alcohol laced references? Who are you really trying to bash here?
2009-02-09 04:48:17
Drats, I have that photo of the cat. I was going to use the caption 'those damn neighbourhoods humiliating'. It was to be one of three photos - series 'how humiliating'. Just as well, nobody like my series.
2009-02-09 00:20:11
This is hilarious! Loved it!
2009-02-08 23:25:40
Funny..but I wish he'd hit Lush Rimjob with that snowball...that'd be a lot funnier!
2009-02-08 22:23:13
That's so funny. I'm still laughing. Thanks for posting this.