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Posted By:ebitary52

Old Comments:

2009-04-18 12:56:09
This photo brings back memories of my childhood. When we would milk the cows (we only had one or two), our cats would line up for their fresh warm milk. You could see the joy and anticipation on their faces.
2009-04-18 12:35:37
Been there. Done that. If I recall correctly this photo appeared in "Life Magazine" in about 1960. I see a Surge "bucket" style milking machine. Health authorities began mandating conversion to "pipeline" systems about that time.
2008-08-14 16:44:49
What was the first man doing, when he found out, that cows give milk?
2008-08-14 12:17:11
We just don't see this one often enough.
2008-08-14 03:31:59
Wonderful! :-D