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Posted By:juanra

Old Comments:

2010-05-04 19:08:30
Thank you very much quest4tvl5a for the explanation. What seemed odd to me is that they have made fair comment and criticism on my picture, putting together a controversy that I have not started. Let them do their altercation in another place not in my picture, which I have no bad intention just to participate and not to create problems. I participate only to share anything else, the photos that I like and nothing else. Thanks again quest4tvl5a.
2010-05-04 18:12:46
Juanra, one problem with simply ignoring the votes and scores, for many of us is that many of the very best photos on the site are stuck with low scores and pretty much hidden from future view of new users. The new user will look at the most popular ever category or will use the "categories" to find subjects of his/her particular interest and will then look at several pages of the highest rated photos. These pages of the highest rated photos are packed with photos by those playing the ratings game. Often the best photos are buried far below with far lower ratings.
2010-05-04 17:42:54
PIXDAUS I like because it has high quality photos, regardless of whether or not I get points, limitence to grant appropriate score if they wish, participate freely and without criticism. If you do not like it go somewhere else to visit and to criticize, not here! Thank you very much for the comments anyway. Spend a great day and live free and happy. Greetings from Sweden.
2010-05-04 15:39:07
It is a shame about the competitiveness creating such toxic feelings. I think ranking anything other than the pics is pIain silly, especially as it clearly causes such bitterness. All that is really needed is an up vote. Good pics would come to the fore and poor ones just fade away. I know some of the other sites you mention but none of the ones I have visited bring up the pics straight off as large as they do on Pixdaus, that is one of the reasons I like it so much - no irritating thumbnails just beautiful big photos. As you say - ya gotta love it!
2010-05-04 14:44:12
This site is not a joke - it is a great site with beautiful Large pictures. It is the unpleasant and foul mouthed people that are the trouble. Just enjoy the pics and for goodness sake be kind to one another! Pixdaus so away with all down voting!
2010-05-02 23:08:03
Thankyou Andouille. Awfully kind of you to tell me all of that. That's what I thought too about the 18+ section. I know that Patito has sworn alot, but I know that he would never post a photo nor has he ever done so in the past in that section. I can't see any big votes there either. What on earth is happening to this once wonderful site ? Why all the trolls and the back biting and swearing and downvoting ?? I just can't understand it. Why can't we get on ? Life is far too short to waste it on such trivial matters.... :(
2010-05-02 22:59:08
Go to the 3rd or 4th page of Patito's Best Pics and you will begin to see them. The rest were flagged as 18+ by the same troll who has constantly attacked him for over a year, the one who signs himself 'patito is a liar,' among other names, the same one who has down-voted almost a hundred pages of Patito's photo's off the site, and the same one who will down-vote this comment. Patito is no saint, but to my knowledge he has never posted anything sufficiently risque to be placed in the 18+ section. I realize that I will now almost certainly be accused of being Patito, and my photos will come under down-voting attack. It happens to anyone who steps forward to challenge the trolls. I don't care. If that happen I will simply register and use another name.
2010-05-02 21:08:38
Yes, a pity. At one time Patito's first comment, in which he merely gave the name of the castle, had 11 negative votes. The level of harted, rancor and negativity on this site directed at him and other users is alarming. One wonders what those individuals must be like in their real lives.
2010-05-02 14:12:30
Patito is absolutely right about Neuwschwanstein being probably the most photographed castle - I had a momentary memory lapse earlier! I think it is probably Neuwschwanstein, followed closely by the Eilean Donan and then Chillon all of them extremely attractive to photographers and all with romantic tales attached. What a pity the site is once again the site is plagued by rancour and foul language.
2010-05-01 23:15:10
Thank you for the kind words, Pesche.. but I'm not sure I understand the point of your comment. My point was (is) that in terms of numbers of posts of castles here at Pixdaus, Neuschwanstein is slightly ahead of Eilean Donan, and way ahead of Chillon....As for which is the nost photographed in absolute terms, I have no idea and doubt there is any way of knowing....and of course Santorini, since it isn't a castle, is a different category.. But the relative popularity of subjects of photos in general is interesting to me...and if numbers of posts here are any reflection of numbers of photos taken of recognizable places, Santorini is way ahead of all the castles combined Santorini would stack up against, say, the Eiffel Tower or Half Dome at Yosemite would be an interesting suject for study and research.....what are the ten or twelve most photographed places on earth, and how would we determine what they are? . It would also be interesting to know how well popularity of posts here at Pixdaus correlates with numbers of photographs taken of places, but again, that is probably not knowable... Thank you for your patience..I seem to have rambled on a bit...
2010-05-01 22:34:51
Patito, I have no doubt you are a very smart person and your contributions to this site are much appreciated. I have to agree with Gabrielle, apart from Chillon, Eilean Donan, Neuschwanstein and possibly the Castle of Vlad the Impaler in Romania ( Count Dracula) the places you refer to may well be incredibly popular. But you are not comparing apples with apples, it is a different category altogether.
2010-05-01 22:25:52
Here at Pixdaus Eilean Donan is way ahead of Chillon in terms of numbers of posts...but the front runner in the castle photo category is Neuschwanstein....and of course Santorini isn't a castle, but in terms of numbers of posts of recognizable places it's almost in a league of its own...
2010-05-01 18:17:38
this is where Lord Byron was prisoner for many years
2010-05-01 14:32:01
Beautiful pic of a very photogenic castle - Chillon and Eilean Donan are possibly the two most photographed castles ever.
2010-05-01 09:33:39
Chateau de Chillon,Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
2010-05-01 02:08:28
were is?