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Old Comments:

2008-09-03 22:04:06
And tail fins..and it oughta be turquoise and white...and I oughta be able to fill it up for about five bucks...but at least they're evolving in the right direction...the early T-birds, from '55, '56, '57 were so cool you could get frost bite just standing next to the early 60's they'd morphed into just another big ol' overweight passenger car..
2008-09-03 10:56:17
I don't like it. It should have porthole windows.
2008-09-02 17:00:39
It's the "new" Ford Thunderbird... it looks more elegant IRL have to say...
2008-08-26 12:23:32
Yeah, what is it?
2008-08-26 03:58:44
Cool car!!