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Old Comments:

2008-07-06 08:30:48
Pre-1920 vehicle?
2008-01-17 05:04:27
The wider shoes aren't for traction. They are not prevent you from falling into the snow by distributing your weight over a larger area.
2008-01-17 03:57:14
that's wrong. why do you think alpinists use those special big shoes to walk on the snow. also, it's a known practice to let some air out of the tires when if you want to drive on snow, so that the wheels get as little into the snow.
2008-01-17 03:34:44
thinner wheels are better in the snow - you get more traction as the same amount of weight (the car) is spread across a smaller area. does show you how nobody needs SUVs though!
2008-01-16 23:37:14
I can only imagine how bad that must have been in snow with 35 wide tires!