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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-03-13 02:11:48
Could be a replica. The rims and tires are too wide for a vintage car.
2008-10-28 12:34:44
Thanks - I'm much better at I.D.'ing the post 1950's American cars... I like the boat-tail body styles from the 30's.
2008-10-28 10:35:05
You're welcome skip. The easiest way to identify vintage cars is to check out the hood ornament.
2008-10-28 10:05:40
Thank you, STFU Donnie, The only info the photographer provided was that it was from the Volo Museum in illinois.
2008-10-28 09:35:21
1935 Auburn Boattail
2008-10-27 14:34:34
i'm probably wrong, but i think that's a dusenberg.
2008-10-27 11:58:27
Pretty... what is it?