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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-09-25 03:39:58
I am so very sorry to read Nifty that you have had difficulties with depression also and that you still need to be on medication for it. I hope that it is helping you to cope with it really well. I have had to change my medication quite a few times. The current medication I am on seems to be the best one so far, which is good for me. Yes, some people here are a sad lot, and I hope that they can work out their life soon and be much happier in themselves. And yes, there are also some very lovely people here. You are one of them, Nifty. I am glad that you are here. Thankyou for your kindness. And I'm so glad you like the photos I post. Your photos are great also. Take care and keep smiling too.... :)
2011-09-25 03:19:13
I have also had a period of my life where I suffered from depression so I know the difficulties it causes. I still take medication and I am OK. There are some strange unpleasant people using Pixdaus but they are a sad lot. Not everyone is like that and your photos you post are beautiful so try to concentrate on the positives and , above all keep smiling
2011-09-25 03:05:26
I hope your son is well, Nifty. That was nice of him to show you around where he lives. It's a little bit hard to try to stay happy here on Pixdaus, and especially so because I suffer from depression. But I think I'm doing ok, despite it all. Please take care Nifty and have a great Sunday... :)
2011-09-25 03:01:09
I do try to get photos of different areas but in this case I was visiting my son who lives in nearby St Kilda. He kindly showed me some of the local area and I took a few photos. Stay happy Mary.
2011-09-25 02:17:45
So pretty, Nifty. I've never been to Elwood. What a lovely part of town. And I thought that it could've been Queen's Park again. Shows how much I know, doesn't it ? :( And Nifty, you sure do get around, don't you ? I hope you have wonderful times visiting all the different places you go to. Take care... :) Warm regards, Mary... (PictureGirl)....
2011-09-25 01:50:02
This photo shows the Elwood Canal in the suburb of Elwood in Melbourne Australia. Hope this helps, all the best .
2011-09-24 17:32:16
Where is this?