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Posted By:Skip

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2009-06-12 02:46:38
LOL! One of your best, Patito.
2009-06-12 01:40:20
Cars like this were once commonly used in cities and towns down south in summertime to help solve the problem of too many bugs flying around the streets and store lights at night. At a certain time each evening all the other lights in town would be turned off, then the very bright light mounted on the pole in the car would be turned on. Once all the bugs had gathered around the light the car would drive slowly out of town and several miles down the road, leading the insects along. Then the car was parked but the light left on, and the driver rode back into town on a bicycle he kept in the trunk or the back seat. The National Audubon Society lobbied to put a stop to the practice several years ago, claiming that town-dwelling birds were being denied an adequate supply of bugs to eat.
2009-06-11 23:54:44
Cool car - but why does it have a lamp post in the middle of it? ;)