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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-04-15 16:15:41
A wahab: Have you forgotten to read the book "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie?
2009-04-15 07:13:52
Hey, aWahaba...stick this in your program and translate it...'CRYBABY' ...that's what you sound like.
2009-04-15 07:01:02
I know you. You vote minus my pics. Hurry to negative votes giving donít.
2009-04-15 05:48:22
ok I will tell both of the photographers of the pictures I posted, that you don't like them. I'm sure they will care. and another thing, Farhad has not posted here for awhile, but when he was here, he was always polite and friendly, unlike you.
2009-04-14 21:37:39
Farhad pics good. No you.