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Posted By:Skip

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2009-12-17 11:38:08
Same here, I remember going down town as a kid and seeing the big Christmas tree lit up and all the store windows, it was magical for a little kid, but then they brought more and more shopping centers in and even as a kid I could tell the difference, it's just not the same wandering around an enclosed building especially at Christmas time. We do have a small town nearby where they dress up the whole downtown area like in Dickens time and they even have a whole store devoted to trains, so I guess we have to look harder to find it now, but it's still out there in some places.
2009-12-17 03:42:19
Nice Christmas window - Stores just don't do this anymore - Long ago stores downtown here used to have big crowds waiting outside just to see them unveil the Christmas window displays - almost always had some kind of train included -sad that they no longer do