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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-07-03 11:16:19
Yes, I did... not my type, I prefer brain over brawn, but I'd be willing to go along with the party spirit and receive a lapdance. Or two.
2009-07-03 10:54:25
Maybe I should add that Henry Ford Museum is an outdoor museum, at Greenfield Village in Michigan. This is a picture of the house at Greenfield Village, they have many historical homes that were moved there.
2009-07-03 10:39:51
I don't always get excited about birthdays but this one was nice and made even better by the people here, we had a wild time ;) ... did you see the sylvester stallone look-alike that fuzzy blue one brought in?
2009-07-03 10:21:25
That's one sweetheart of a cottage, Skip! - Haven't seen you lately; are you fully recovered from your birthday party? ;-)