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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-04-26 04:34:23
Connie, 524 of your pics have become 'popular'. When one of your pics becomes popular (that takes +11 votes), it enters the 'most popular today' listing. I cannot help myself for having a great admiration for you: You are a most unsual poster on Pixdaus because you don't care how well (or badly) your pics do here. Most of us posters (myself included) are interested in the votes that we get. As for me, I am only interested in the votes because I want 'my' pics to get fair votes as opposed to poppyhaters downvoting them to oblivion despite how good the pics are. Fair game is the goal for me, amd I will shout the loudest every time when that does not happen. You're a cool chick, Connie.
2009-04-26 03:17:36
No Poppy, I don't go the the 'most popular today' section; I never have. When I come on Pixdaus, I just go to 'Newly added' and 'Recently commented'. I just went to 'most popular today' to know what you folks are talking about. That photo by Ben Hattenbach is one of his best, so I'm not too surprised that it's at 69. But, that's a lot of votes in such a short time for my uploads. That's because my photos don't get much votes, series or not. I've posted photographers' award-winning photos, and got minus or small amount of votes. This photo, you are talking about, is probably the only one that that made it to the 'most popular today' section. This did not happen with fair votes.
2009-04-25 23:32:46
I was not going to write anymore on this because I had the feeling people don't care, But I will try to explain,,, connie's pic was already on the top page with about forty five votes, I think it got there with fair votes, when I came on all my pics were downvoted by three or more numerous times, except the least likely one to be upvoted, this one, it shot up very fast at first I was happy people were voting for a different style pic, a kewlistic pic (ha ha) but the more votes it got I started to think it was like the other day with logans pic and poppy's pic, so I started noticing all the upvotes were by three, when it got to forty two votes and almost overtook connies pic on top with forty five I commented on it, then it got a few more threes and then it stopped being upvoted by three, but connies pic was upvoted by three several times as soon as I made that comment I think to throw people off, and make it less noticable that my pic was about to become the top pic,, to make it look like I was imagining it. Ok that's enough.
2009-04-25 23:01:25
Connie, what are you talking about? Donít you look at the Ďmost popular todayí list? Your pic is lying number one there. It went up suddenly, all the way up to 73 (that I saw), in exactly the same way as Skipís pic did. Skip witnessed it.
2009-04-25 21:33:12
I vote them back up when every one of them is hit by minus three,, which is practically every time I post , besides many of mt pics were targeted with repost over and over on the tags, while other posters pics that were reposts were not tagged, and I had dirty picture and Klef, whatever the hell that is) wrote on a whole bunch of my pics among other stupid comments. I'm about through here, but I'm still going to speak my mind when I am here, I like to have fun here but it's not easy sometimes.
2009-04-25 21:16:25
I was tired when I wrote this last night and I wasen't real clear I was not accusing logan5 or poppy, or connie, of cheating or voting up their own pic the other day. I meant the person who has the ability to vote many times, I know that nobody cares much about this until they are targeted, My pics do allright I think alot of them are good, like this one ofcorse I liked it or I would not have posted it but It's not the type of pic that usually does well on here, and after I commented on the votes rising so fast it stopped. One of the reasons I know this person has so much power with votes, is I had two pics on here that had very high votes on the popular page, and they suddenly disappeared, I found them in my file with ZERO VOTES, I never pointed it out in comments section because I wanted pixdaus to see it before it got votes again,, So I got the votes put back on them. but that's alot of power) my pics get downvoted every time I come on and yes I have voted them back up and I know my friends vote for me all the time, I also try to vote for everyone I see targeted which is alot of people lately, people may not believe or care what I'm saying I just wanted to tell the people who see their pics downvoted alot, that it was not their fault somebody needs to do somthing about this.
2009-04-25 20:14:08
I don't think I've been targeted by the Phantom Upvoter. Most of my photos get very little votes...some are even minus; others get so-so votes. It's my series...don't ya know...not verrry popular with this crowd. Hmmm...I have to create some more; I'm slowly running out of them ;-)
2009-04-25 18:03:50
Logan5, Poppy, Skip, Connie. All targeted by the Phantom Upvoter. What does it mean? - Pixdaus said that my pic went up by threes, and Skip observed this pic going up by threes, so that is a connection, at least. Whoever is doing it, is not doing it with a motive of "let's make these people happy for a day" but with a motive of creating ill-feeling toward the posters whose pics now have reached the top by the Upvoter's unfair means. Another happy day in the Pixdaus jungle. ;-)
2009-04-25 14:56:16
connie's pics been going up by three's too, to take away from the fact that mine was going up by three, The only difference is her pic was already being voted up my shot up like lightning,,, and only by three's, I was watching it for the last five or six votes they were all three's,,, most people here do not have a voting power of three and even if they do, they can only vote once, unlike the person who did this, ok goodnight,,, this dosent amount to much, just letting you know.
2009-04-25 14:38:07
ok it went up by three again
2009-04-25 14:37:25
The up voting did stop, just like I thought it would, so everyone please feel free to downvote this pic, it was voted up unfairly,, by the person who upvoted their own pic the other day and now want's to confuse everyone,,, this same person has been downvoting my pics for a long time now so I'm used to it, but for all the new posters don't be surprised if you see your good pics downvoted, and if your pics become to popular here you will probably be targeted by this same person,,, who has the ability to vote many times, and no one is doing anything about it!!
2009-04-25 14:24:22
Now that I said somthing about it I suppose the massive voting will stop.
2009-04-25 14:21:39
This picture is jumping up fast by three's I should have known it was to good to be true,, it is kind of different, the pic I mean, anyway I hope you're having fun!