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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-06-22 08:34:33
Thanks connie, I decided to go for it, like you said :)
2009-06-22 04:45:17
Another adorable goldie skip...keep them coming
2009-06-21 17:23:00
Two, excuse my spelling
2009-06-21 17:22:16
It won't take long, I've had to goldens and they grow like weeds!
2009-06-21 17:21:23
We all need a good awwwww, atleast once a day, I'm not sure I can trust you with him though poppy, after that owl zapping incident!
2009-06-21 17:08:20
That lil' pup will have to grow into those paws. He reminds me of my border collie when he was that size!
2009-06-21 15:54:30
This will be the AWWWWWW of the day! He is adorable... I wonder how well would Prof. Muckle-Flugga get on with puppies? :-)