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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-11-13 03:57:00
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all liked fuzzy's blue race idea too, I think we can have some fun with that!
2009-11-13 02:34:35
blue race...................,
2009-11-13 02:08:50
I like blue race
2009-11-13 02:01:53
Beautiful photo Skip!!
2009-11-13 00:45:53
Blue race, blue race! :D :P
2009-11-12 20:48:30
Yes, blue is a good theme for a race. Next time, when several of us race enthusiasts happen to be here at the same time, let's do it! ;-) Love the pic, Skip! Why only 8 votes? Seems to me you've been hit real hard by the downvoting creepos... Don't worry, I just posted my pics, so they can transfer their wrath to them, instead. - Sometimes I wonder who those creeps are and where they come from and why they do what they do - but then I come to a realization that they're not worth my thoughts...
2009-11-12 19:38:17
That's a beautiful photo!!
2009-11-12 16:42:25
Thanks Fuzzy blue one! you had some great and also funny Cows on recently, sorry I didn't join in I got a little busy here, but I liked your idea about a blue race, because there are so many options, like blue skies, blue flowers, even blues musicians,,or the blues brothers!:) I could go on...:)
2009-11-12 16:16:54
This is a Great pic Skip! +3