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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-03-25 03:20:33
I know what you mean, I was a little nervous about joking with Rooty Tooty, but with that name I figured he'd have a sence of humor :) hey poppy! what do you mean..low quality of my pics!! ; )
2010-03-24 22:06:43
Nah, rotten pic, Skip! I mean, it looks like a home-made affair, made up of everything but Grandma's kitchen sink. You call it a train? More like a mistake on iron wheels. - How's that for enthusiasm for you? I'll just save it in my favs to remind myself of the low quality of your pics. OOPS! I accidentally UPvoted it, darn it! Now my day is ruined. P.S. How many smileys do I have to add so folks will understand I was joking?
2010-03-24 12:51:51
Thanks Rooty Tooty!...but next time could you try to show a little enthusiasm! ;)
2010-03-24 12:13:03
Thanks Steampunk! I have a few more like this I will post sometime soon :)
2010-03-24 12:07:00
Right on track with my taste. :)