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Posted By:Skip

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2009-09-29 13:26:39
France, in particular, has incredible rail systems. When I was on the TGV (bullet train), they announced that, due to security reasons, we would arrive in Paris six minutes late....that's after being on the train for over 3 hours. They are incredibly efficient. You feel like you are gliding on the tracks; it's so smooth. With our trains, it is expected they will arrive late. Like you Patito, I remember travelling (across a big chunk of Canada) by train...the sleepers (one I could afford them)....dining cars with lovely table clothes/napkins and silver plated cutlery. We also had the same dining experience on B.C. Ferries going to Vancouver Island; now it's a cafeteria. I remember when flying we got lovely meals, good china/cutlery and free drinks. Now, I bring my own food; theirs is not edible. They do provide some food that is, on the whole, not edible, but you can have all the juices you want...woooopeeee.
2009-09-29 13:15:50
It does look even nicer full size; I just noticed 'see full-size image'. I need to pay more attention to what is on my screen...I go too fast.
2009-09-29 11:37:20
I've never actually been on one myself, but I've been dreaming of them since I was a kid, mostly from movies, once I rode a train from Detroit to Ann Arbor, but the modern trains go so fast you can barely make out the scenery, and it was more like a dining car. I love that Movie with Cary Grant and Eva somthing, I can't remember her name, where they are on a train, North by Northwest
2009-09-29 11:27:26
Don't you kinda feel a little bit sorry for all the young folks who never rode a train....never slept in a Pullman berth rockin' and rattlin' through the night....never ate in a real dining car with starched table clothes and napkins...??? Cars are nice, and I love my truck, but we really lost something when we let our railroad system deteriorate...the Europeans have it all over us in that department.
2009-09-29 11:19:14
Thanks Connie, I know you probably know this already,,but it really does look better full size.
2009-09-29 11:01:09
I meant 'I just love photos.....
2009-09-29 11:00:27
I just photos of trains...especially night ones.