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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2011-12-01 00:27:20
Yep, Rt Brecksville OH., thanks Steampunk. Very similar bridge construction to the Pasadena one.
2011-11-30 17:40:30
Rt 82 Brecksville OH... Here's a different shot
2011-11-30 17:38:50
Rt 82 Brecksville OH... Here's a different shot
2011-11-30 11:38:20
Gabrielle, this does look very much like the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, however, there is (at least currently) no railroad running under the bridge. If the photo goes way back to a time when there might have been tracks under the bridge. It would be a very old photo and of course would look nothing at all like his (from a photographic standpoint). My conclusion would be that this is not the Colorado Street bridge unless it has been very greatly doctored in some manner. Perhaps two photos (one of the train plus one of the bridge and river) have been combined to produce it. The Los Angeles river does run under the bridge, however, it is usually pretty devoid of water at this point.
2011-11-30 10:07:38
I now think that the train may be passing beneath the Colorado St Bridge, Pasadena, CA. Have a look and see what you think. I liked another nice German engine you posted today.
2011-11-28 06:29:39
Thanks for replying Steampunk - I like your other pics too. Maybe someone out there will recognise the dramatic setting of this photo. I'm a bit surprised that no-one has as yet, it is such a singular site with the train steaming alongside the river and passing under a great bridge - or viaduct.
2011-11-27 14:51:33
I'm pretty sure I found it on Flickr. But I wasn't looking for trains when I found it. I don't recall any tags or location.
2011-11-25 08:30:01
I really like this picture - does anyone know where it is? I tried TinEye with not result.