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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-05-08 05:43:12
Just what I was thinking.
2009-05-07 14:45:16
It's true that you have to walk around and not sit too long; that prevents blood clots from forming, or something like that. You can always stowe away with my luggage, just dress very warm. The cargo area of planes get very cold ;-)
2009-05-07 13:05:04
You have to walk the aisles alot on those long plane rides, I saw people who looked like they were walking in their sleep, but it does keep you from getting cramps I think. as for the swine flu, hopefully they get it under control real fast, and anyway, can I come along? I won't be any trouble I can carry your luggage or somthing : )
2009-05-07 12:51:58
B.C. is beautiful, and so is other connection, but there are many other countries that have some beautiful scenery. I'm off to France again this summer - last summer was not enough ;-) I just hope I don't get the swine flu in that enclosed airplane, or my back go out on me like last summer. Ouch ouch!
2009-05-07 12:31:21
Thanks jacksparrow, and connie! I'm always thinking of you connie, well actually the places you are related to, have some of the best scenery.
2009-05-07 12:20:50
That's either in Normandy or Alsace...nice
2009-05-07 12:16:38
super cool!!