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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-07-04 18:06:23
Ovaltine! I have forgotten about about Ovaltine, I used to love it when I lived in the UK, but haven't seen it here... I will do a net search instantly. Thanks for the tip, Einzelkampfer!
2009-07-04 12:55:30
That's three votes for chocolate milk! I actually prefer Ovaltine, but Borden's Dutch Chocolate milk is also the bomb. I like it with cinnamon rolls or cold pizza, right out of the fridge... for breakfast!
2009-07-03 14:13:10
Chocolate milk! now you're talkin ..I'm a chocolaholic, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :)
2009-07-03 13:56:47
Some people like them with coffee; I prefer them with chocolate milk. NOM NOM NOM ;)
2009-07-03 13:19:00
We call them cinamon rolls, maybe they originated in Boston, I don't know I just love cinamon!
2009-07-03 13:02:03
In my country, we call that Boston Cake, I wonder why?