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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-11-26 11:35:39
Urban Legend. debunked it a while ago.
2008-07-23 11:31:40
Want the same, vote McCain.
2008-07-23 03:49:18
My opponent 'claims' to have the answers for this problem. He does not. I do. Vote for me and together we shall make sure that Mr. Bono needs to clap 24/7. Please vote for me in November.
2008-07-21 09:59:26 guys are apparently smart enough to do the maths, but how 'bout reading properly: "once every FEW SECONDS" - that could be every 3 or maybe 5 secs, so the numbers are quite realistic. (sorry for being a smartass)
2008-07-20 07:15:16
What about the message, is that bull shit too?
2008-07-20 00:26:10
One per sec ........Do the math that is 604800 per week ..... and that is pure bull shit.
2008-07-19 23:42:46
Well I don't know if that's true but funny as hell either way!
2008-07-19 23:23:49
2008-07-02 05:35:22
ha, ha!! :-)