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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-11-10 16:53:15
Skies like that DO happen... I've seen them and photographed them myself.
2009-11-10 16:31:19
Thanks poppy, I liked the colors too, and I was surprised when I read the photographers notes, he said there was no HDR, just an amazing sky!
2009-11-10 16:13:37
Lovely pic, Skip! Great colours, and I adore boats. - I already voted for this but the pesty and everpresent downvoters took my votes away. Elf 'em, I say. ;-)
2009-11-10 16:09:24
Hi Lilly! Long time no see... glad to know you're feeling better. Please return to us as soon as you can, we miss you! The Terrible Triples have been reduced to the Terrible Twins for long enough! ;-)
2009-11-10 15:33:43
Hello Lilly! great to hear from you, I have thought of you often, if you check my file you'll see a lily pad frog for you I remembered you liked them :) I hope your feeling alot better, and hope you can start posting again, I've missed you!
2009-11-10 14:40:02
beautiful skip as always... just wanted to say hay.... been a year for me... but doing well... go'in to make it... life always throws us curve balls. still out here,,, just wanted to say hello to u & poppy...